Jackrabbit Pay FAQs

Jackrabbit Pay™ is an electronic payment processing system, referred to as ePayments, that allows you to accept credit cards and bank account/ACH payments from your families. You can process payments quickly and automatically deposit the money into your bank account in two business days.

We've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer questions you have about how Jackrabbit Pay ePayments work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information

Q.  What if I don’t want to accept all the payment methods listed in my settings?

A.  Contact the Jackrabbit Pay Team to update which payment methods you would like to use. This request must be made by the Owner of the account.

Q.  What is a PSP Reference?

A.  PSP means Payment Service Provider. The PSP Reference is the Transaction ID number/reference number for a specific transaction.

Q.  What does Capture Delay Hours mean in the Settings area?

A.  The Capture Delay Hours setting specifies the number of hours after which a payment will be captured. This is important because once a transaction is captured (the transfer of funds from shopper to business), it can no longer be voided. This setting determines how long you have after making a payment to cancel it; it defaults to one hour and cannot be changed.

Processing Fees & Deposit Times

Q.  How long does it take until I see the money deposited in my bank account?

A.  You will receive your funds three business days after the day you process the payment. For example, payments processed on Monday are deposited on Thursday, and payments processed on Saturday are deposited on Wednesday of the following week.

Payment ProcessedDeposited into Account
ThursdayTuesday of the following week
FridayWednesday of the following week
SaturdayWednesday of the following week
SundayWednesday of the following week

Q.  An ACH payment shows as successful in Jackrabbit, but I was just notified that the payment actually failed. Why?

A.  ACH payments are not LIVE payments. It may take several days for the actual payment to go through or fail. If an ACH payment ultimately fails, you will receive a chargeback notification. There is a $25 fee for each failed ACH payment.

Q.  How do I find out how much money will be deposited in my bank account?

A.  Every morning, you will receive a daily email notification that your End of Day (EOD) report is available.

  1. In your Jackrabbit Pay Console, select Reports. The report, which defaults to the most recent report date (yesterday), will display:
    • Sales, Refunds, and Net Sales (Sales less Refunds)
    • The number of transactions and total amounts by Payment Method
    • Net Sales less Processing Fees equal Deposit
    • The Date you will receive your Deposit

Voids, Cancellations & Refunds

Q.  Can I void/cancel an ePayment?

A.  Yes, you can void/cancel an ePayment if it has not been captured yet (within one hour). To void/cancel a Payment within your Jackrabbit Pay Console:

  1. Select Payments.
  2. Click the PSP Reference number link to select the Payment you want to void/cancel.
  3. At the top right of the page, click Cancel Payment.

Note: Any voids/refunds done directly in the Jackrabbit Pay Console are not reflected in your Jackrabbit database; you will need to manually adjust or record the transaction to the family's account.

Q.  What is the difference between voiding/canceling a payment and refunding a payment?

A.  A voided/canceled payment never processes on the customer's payment method. On the customer's side, it may show as pending. The pending amount will drop off in 24-48 hours.

A refund means the payment has already been posted to the customer’s credit card account. It will take 3-5 business days for the funds to be returned.

Q.  Where do I search for chargebacks?

A.  Within the Jackrabbit Pay Console, select Exceptions, choose the timeframe, and Choose Status = Chargeback and/or Notification of Chargeback.

Definitions & Transactions

Q.  What do these Transaction Statuses mean?

A.  Here are the definitions for the various Transaction Statuses:

AuthorisedThe payment is approved by the financial institution (Yes, we know it's spelled the British way!).
SentForSettleThe request to transfer funds has been sent to the financial institution.
RefusedThe payment request was received, and it was rejected by the financial institution.
ErrorThe payment request was received, but an error occurred while communicating with the financial institution. This is a final status, you must try again if you still wish to take payment.

Q.  Where can I see the details of a payment transaction?

A.  Follow these steps to see the payment transaction details.

  1. In your Jackrabbit Pay Console, click Payments. By default, this list includes all payments. Use the available filters to narrow the results and make it easier to locate a payment.
  2. Select a specific Payment.
  3. Click on the PSP Reference number link to open up the details of the transaction.
    • You will be able to see the status of your transaction, how much the fees are, and details about the card used.

Coming Soon

Q.  I can see Apple Pay in my settings. How do I accept that from customers?

A.  Currently, that option is not available, but it's coming! When it's ready, we'll let you know.